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How Braukmann turned into Ademco 1 GmbH ...

From pressure-reducing valves to pressure controllers and HVAC valves: Since 2000, A. Hock has been distributing the high-quality, innovative water products of Ademco 1 GmbH from Mosbach. But what do the products of Ademco 1 have to do with those of Braukmann, Resideo and Honeywell Home? Read on to find out …


Braukmann, Resideo, Honeywell Home, Ademco 1 GmbH – the connection

Company foundation of Braukmann in the 1970s

Ever since the company was founded during the 1970s, the name Braukmann has been standing for innovative drinking water products. Their mission: keeping man’s most important resource – water – clean and pure with the help of highly efficient drinking water fittings.

For instance, Braukmann’s pressure-reducing valve D15 quickly became industry standard due to its outstanding quality.


Take-over of the high-quality water products by Honeywell

During the 1980s, the Honeywell group took over the company, including the entire water product range. During the course of a company restructuring, the production of Honeywell water fittings was moved from Maintal to Mosbach in 1995. At the same time, Honeywell sold off their industry valve branch to Flowserve. Since 2006, these valves have exclusively been distributed by A. Hock.


2018: the birth of Resideo Technologies Inc.

In October 2018, several of Honeywell’s business areas were transferred to independent, quoted Resideo Technologies Inc. as part of the founding of a spin-off company. This also included the company’s heating, water and safety solutions.

Under the brand name of Honeywell Home, the newly founded company positioned itself as the expert for water and heating products as well as for smart-home solutions in the German-speaking area.


German firm Ademco 1 GmbH

In Germany, Resideo Technologies with their company headquarters in Mosbach bei Heilbronn carried on business under the firm of Ademco 1 GmbH.

Good to know: In mid-2020, Resideo eventually introduced the product group name Braukmann for their well-known water products. This is not only a reference to an important chapter of the company’s history, but also reinforces the outstanding quality associated with Braukmann products.


Ademco 1 and A. Hock: long-term business relations

For many years, A. Hock has been distributing the high-quality water products of Ademco 1. A. Hock offers a vast selection of Resideo products, ranging from pressure-reducing valves  (D15S or D06F) to HVAC valves  (e.g., V5329).


Would you like to find out more about our products? Or are you interested in a specific water product by Ademco 1? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts!



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