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Process Recorder Minitrend GR

Electronic process recorder for secure data acquisition

Easier, faster, more reliable: The Minitrend GR electronic process recorder stands for state-of-the-art recording technology, capturing continuous and batch data. The data to be analysed is recorded in 144 mm standard DIN format.

The Minitrend GR offers up to 16 analogue inputs that handle T/C, RTD, linear and 10Ω/53Ω input sensor types, allowing for the direct connection of the sensors to the process recorder. The recorder boasts an internal memory of 3.7 GB.

The high-resolution 5.7-inch colour display allows for a clear and bright display of process data. The touchscreen user interface and graphic icons further enhance the recorder’s usability. What’s more, the device offers convenient individual display options.

Technical specification

OPC UA, Modbus, USB
5,7'' LCD Display (VGA 640x480 px)
up to 16
up to 8
Interner Speicher
up to 4 GB

Application areas

Whether it’s the food, beverage, biotechology or pharmaceutical industry: The Minitrend GR paperless recorder is the perfect choice for highly regulated industries. It is a great alternative to conventional paper chart recorders and particularly suitable for processes with rapidly changing measurement parameters.

Features and advantages

  • Fuzzy logging: Fuzzy logging is a real-time data compression technique that divides data into straight lines and deletes redundant points. This improves the recorder’s storage capacity and allows for longer recording times. What’s more, this method enhances the graphic display speed.
  • Full data integrity and comprehensive security options:
  • Data is stored in a secure encrypted format, ensuring high data integrity as well as optimum data availability. In addition, the Minitrend GR boasts excellent password protection with four levels and up to 50 different users. Multi-level password protection and traceability of user actions ensure maximum security.
  • Concurrent batch mode: The Minitrend GR‘s batch recording feature enhances the management of data collected in non-continuous processes. This makes the device particularly suitable for the food industry and for processes involving chemical reactions.


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