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A. Hock GmbH joins Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria

The A. Hock GmbH has joined the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria. As a supplier of industrial valve, measurement and control technology, we are committed to strengthening our activities in the field of sustainability and climate protection and to aligning our business activities with forward-looking technologies.

The Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria offers us the opportunity to expand our expertise and commitment in the field of hydrogen technology and at the same time to benefit from the cooperation with other companies, research institutions and politics.

What is the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria about?

The Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria is an initiative launched by the Free State of Bavaria to promote the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier in Bavaria.

The Alliance is a cooperation between the Bavarian state government, companies, research institutions and other organizations that have set themselves the goal of advancing the technology and application of hydrogen as a promising energy carrier.

What are the objectives with regard to hydrogen?

Bavaria is to become a pioneer in hydrogen technology and thus also make an important contribution to the energy transition and to achieving the climate targets. The development of industrial key components will be promoted in a targeted manner:

  •     Development and demonstration of new types of PEM electrolysers
  •     Research and testing of automated manufacturing processes and process steps for future upscaling
  •     Further develop and establish storage technologies/logistics (gaseous, liquid, LOHC)

What does A. Hock GmbH contribute as an alliance partner?

The A. Hock GmbH has been active as a manufacturer of industrial control valves and supplier of measurement and control technology in the field of hydrogen since its foundation. By joining, we want to help shape and drive the transition from gray to green hydrogen.
We are convinced that the use of hydrogen as a promising energy carrier is an important component of the energy transition and climate protection and want to contribute our experience and know-how to the joint activities of the alliance.

What references does A. Hock GmbH in the field of hydrogen?

As a competent partner and supplier for hydrogen control valves, we have already proven ourselves in various hydrogen projects.


A. Hock GmbH at the Hydrogen Dialogue in Nuremberg

We actively promote the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of hydrogen through joint events such as the Hydrogen Dialogue or the Speed Pitchings.

Learn more about the fair

Are you looking for a competent contact for hydrogen projects?

We look forward to working with you and other members of the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria on innovative projects and solutions and thus contributing to shaping a sustainable and climate-friendly future.

Dominic Hock

Dominic Hock

Managing Director

I’m happy to support you with projects and enquiries in the field of valve technology as well as measurement and control technology. My areas of expertise are automation technology and networks.